Lenzu is a dancer that transmits art as well as a endless energy, communicating to the general audience without distinguishing between race, creed or language"
IreneDiaz-Bazan, Atlanta Latino, December

“Absorbing work based on Italian folkdance.” La Nueva Provincia, Punta Alta, Argentina, June


“From Argentina, Chile and the USA, Lenzu never stops. Always searching for stimulation and artistic challenge…for her, dance is a journey -always searching for means of communication and encountering others.” Alfonsina Malaga, OltreNews,Salerno / Italy “ A journey -always searching for means of communication and encountering others.”, November

“Enterprising artistic capacity.”
Il Mattino ,Regione Campania / Italy ,“The Sweet Smell of Success” , November

“Striking! …a dance that calls for a grand expressiveness." Il Mattino ,Regione Campania / Italy, October

“During the rehearsal Anabella Lenzu worked closely with her dancers, trying to pull out the best possible emotive energy and teach them to overcome their inhibitions to use their potential expressiveness as a medium of communication.” Il Sannio (Benevento / Italy)”A Laboratory of Emotion and Movement”, August

“An important success and another feather in her cap in her career for this talented Argentine artist, now an adopted Italian in all the senses.” Il Punto (Regione Campania / Italy), June


She gladdened the audience with her captivating beauty
La Sentinella (Regione Campania/Italy), September

“She demonstrated her ability to sustain the attention of the audience, but also showed versatility and dynamism in her expressive movements.” La Nueva Provincia (Bahia Blanca /Argentina), August

”I am pleased to point out Lenzu’s choreography, which created two strongly expressive “paintings”. . . “Paintings” because Anabella Lenzu’s gestures simply painted and sculpted the space with her charismatic temperament.” My-Z ine (Caserta / Italy), February-March


“With only 25 years, her enterprising spirit helped her to find a place in the dance world. Anabella Lenzu has already obtained a vast career. “ Cecilia Corraleti, La Nueva Provincia (Bahia Blanca /Argentina) “ In Anabella’s footsteps” , February


“The spectator is transformed with the expressive magic of dance.” Los Cerros de Puan (Puan /Argentina), August

“Excellent Performance”
…”a performance that not just entertains, but also educates and enriches the spirit.
El Ovallino (Ovalle/Chile),”When Dance is a Frenzy that Moves the Spirit”, January

”Thank you for your message of hope you have left us. Life is an illusion that is not worth rationalizing!”
El Ovallino (Ovalle/Chile),”When Dance is a Frenzy that Moves the Spirit”, January 

“This is the second time that L’Atelier and Anabella Lenzu have visited Ovalle, due their popularity, warmth and friendliness that radiated from them at all the times.”
El Ovallino (Ovalle/Chile), January


“Few times can one see a dance performance like this in Ovalle, as was performed last night.”
El Dia (Chile),”Brilliant night of Dance in Ovalle”, February

"She is herself the representation of inner fire....fire in the soul."...."Her dance frees the spirit."
El Ovallino newspaper, (Ovalle/Chile), Febrary

“It was a great pleasure to welcome A. Lenzu an ambassador of Argentina and of her school L’Atelier.
….. (Her company brought) “And interesting choreography which combined beauty, youth, warmth and above all professionalism.”(Mayor of Ovalle, Mr. Alberto Gallardo Flores)
El Ovallino (Ovalle / Chile),”Impeccable presentation from Ballet from Argentina”, February

Press Quotes & Reviews

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"Whether investigating the immigrant experience, the legend of Mithras, stereotypical roles of Latin women or, in tonight’s case, her life, Anabella Lenzu delves into her subject matter with unabashed commitment. She wants us to experience the meat and gristle of things." "Such personal material could read as self-indulgent in less competent hands, but Lenzu’s expert performance rivets us. Her story hits on our universal challenge: facing (and dealing with) life’s transitions." Dance Enthusiast/ Christine Jowers

"Anabella Lenzu is an incredibly gracious performer. She redefines nationalistic isolationism as bodily agency. The notion of selflessness as presence is as evident in her process as it is to her roles as dancer and mother alike." EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Jonathan Matthews

"What I most appreciate about Anabella Lenzu  is how fully she inhabits the moment. She's all there, a force of self-determination, and that serves her well in her vivid new solo, No more beautiful dances" "Lenzu aims to stay honest... with the audience as witness, she desires to serve, too, as her own outside eye." InfinityBody/Eva Yaa Asantewaa 

"Anabella Lenzu’s dance film “No more beautiful dances” centered on her changing body, and on her identity as a dancer during pregnancy and childbirth. The film employed quick cuts of close-ups on her belly and thighs, lip smacks and oral sounds, bilingualism, and narrative elements to portray maternity’s bodily and emotional transformations that are, at times, disgusting, but ultimately redemptive" http://www.sandraolsen.com/reviews/austin-dance-festival


Mata Hari fell silent, and the music and dance become her voice as the nun soars Mata Hari’s final moments of pensive choreography.” “Dance helped to focus and drive the music-theater; the piece’s most dramatic moments were choreographed dialogue underscored by a loud, frantic band. The dance numbers provided visceral illustrations of how men dominated her body and gave Marks a chance to explore tango, waltz, and rock ballade…..the evolution of her dance from exuberance to male domination to self-possession was a strong and interesting theatrical choice. The show excelled at peeling away layers of myth to get at basic humanity, afforded the famous heroine dignity beyond an expose, and showed the possibilities of opera-theater ripe for exploration.” LANA NORRIS /icareifyoulisten.com, from MataHari opera at Prototype Festival NYC

"Several dance-based numbers that nicely evoked the seductions at the core of the story... Anabella Lenzu’s choreography, created an intriguing dreamscape." - Wall Street Journal, from MataHari opera at Prototype Festival NYC

"Choreographer Anabella Lenzu stages a sadomasochistic foxtrot for this passage that makes it the most memorable part of the show." Zachary Stewart/Off-Broadway, from MataHari opera at Prototype Festival NYC

"Anabella Lenzu’s choreography in perfect pacing with the intensity of the story." Harry Rolnick/concertonet.com, from MataHari opera at Prototype Festival NYC



“Anabella Lenzu presented excerpts from her work of the ten years of her New York-based company, there was a love-fest among critics. We couldn’t help ourselves. We burst with the joy of having seen and experienced stirring, intelligent artistry. “ Attitude: The Dancers’ Magazine . Article by Madeleine L. Dale

“..Her choreography’s dynamism is fueled by a revolving door of intensity, self-awareness, melodrama, and/or ritual. This holds true whether the movement is more theatric-based, modern, folk-inspired, or a fusion of many forms.” DanceEnthusiast article by Jenny Thompson

“Lenzu has been described as an “Argentine firecracker” which nicely sums up her large, passionate nature as well as her intense commitment to the creative process. She has developed a beautifully integrated approach to dance and theater which will continue to serve her and her fine company going forward.” New York Arts article by Mari Gold

"One of Ms. Lenzu’s major concerns is the expression of emotion, a welcome change from much current choreography." http://theaterscene.com/LENZU.html

"[Unveiling Motion and Emotion]..worth a read for anyone interested in dance or just wanting to explore the creative process involved in working on anything artistic." "Reading about Lenzu's experiences … make me appreciate dance in a new way. " Adventures of a LitGirl/ Lauren Wood

“[Unveiling Motion and Emotion] is a book through which shines all of the author’s passion for dance, and which recounts the experiences, readings, places and people that have influenced her path. This path could not have been different from what it has been and continues to be: a life of dance, by dance. Dance is not only technical, but the way in which we become aware of ourselves and how we express ourselves and connect with people. A sincere book.” - Nicola Campanelli / Campadidanza, Italy 

“[Unveiling Motion and Emotion] written in English and Spanish, is an effective and direct means of dispensing useful advice to students and aspiring teachers through the story of a teacher with 20 years of experience. This book establishes many innovative ideas.” - Leonilde Zuccari / Giornale della danza, Italy

“[Unveiling Motion and Emotion] traces Anabella’s engaged and important choreographic work, and mirrors her way of approaching society and life. The repertoire created by the Argentinean choreographer is rich and varied; it tackles several themes of universal nature.” - Leonilde Zuccari / Giornale della danza, Italy

“This book [Unveiling Motion and Emotion] is very helpful for other people trying to do the same thing but who may be 10 or 20 years behind you.” – Shannon O’Brien / CultureBot, USA

“Anabella Lenzu’s book Unveiling Motion and Emotion offers memories, wisdom, and advice collected from over 20 years of teaching dance.” - Shannon O’Brien / CultureBot, USA


 “[In Pursuit of Happiness] is the question of what happens when you die, what is memory, how one tries to build the image that is no longer, but with a certain universality.” - Diario Ambito Financiero, Argentina

 “There are very few bilingual books on methodology of teaching dance… Writing it in two languages took [Anabella] two years, but worth the effort.” - La Nueva Provincia, Argentina

“It’s [Unveiling Motion and Emotion] about living a life in dance, engaging with the community you live in and connecting to your neighbors as well as your students to bring out the best in them” - Greenline, Brooklyn, USA

 The narrative style of Lenzu tends toward the poetic and sometimes metaphysical. Sometimes it offers beautiful images like the great pioneers of Dance, Martha Graham or Mary Wigman, provided to their dancers and students.” -DanceEurope, London 

“As Artistic Director of Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama, Lenzu draws on her diverse background to create thought-provoking and socially-conscious dance-theatre in the interest of improving our human condition.” -Jill Randall- Life as a Modern Dancer, USA

“At first glance, the reader might think Unveiling Motion and Emotion will be a typical autobiography, but instead author Anabella Lenzu’s twenty years of experience acts as a moving backdrop to her main purpose: the constant struggle “interspersed with bursts of development” in teaching dance and choreography.” Colleen Dean/ Dance Arts Now! USA

“Lovely images, expressive language, and a topsy-turvy layout divided into Spanish and English, carry us on a journey first to Argentina, then onward through three continents in search of the creative process......I highly recommend this book as a source within the dance curriculum." Colleen Dean/ Dance Arts Now! USA

“a career that has only grown from strength to strength for the Argentinean immigrant.” Greenpoint Gazette, USA

“I adore this book and will continue to read it for inspiration and encouragement!” -Haley Mathiot/ The Life and Lies blog, USA

“From the first time I met Anabella at Dance New Amsterdam (DNA) years back I felt a heart driven connection to her and her work in the studio as a teacher and through the choreography that I would watch her pass onto students and her company members.” -Lindsay Schaefer, Artist in Unity USA


"Her choreographic excerpts possess a prime color boldness that a child could easily respond to, and an unusually classic structure that a critic might appreciate.” Dance Enthusiast, USA

“You can feel her passion, soul, and message through each word and through each extension of her movement whether it be as simple as a touch of a fingertip or larger movements to encompass great space.   Her powerful voice, heart, and soul can be felt immensely as if she is the Global Mother to Dance.” -Lindsay Schaefer, Artists in Unity USA


” Lenzu has chosen—or been chosen by—dance as her investigative framework because, as her opening essay is titled, “dance underlies all that I am.” This boldly provocative collection of writing should be in every dancer’s personal library.” – 4Dancers.org, USA

“Most inspiring is a list of lessons she’s learned from Dance (“To witness small miracles,” To embrace change,” “To celebrate life”) – Dance Magazine, USA

“Her writing is visceral and filled with insights that distill from deep intense reflection and research housed in her ‘thinking body'” – Attitude: The Dancer’s Magazine, USA

 “All in all, Anabella Lenzu’s “Unveiling Motion and Emotion” is a refreshingly vulnerable literary statement, and a great addition to your summer dance reading list.” – Heather Desaulniers, USA

 “Whether writing, leading a class or staging new choreography, Lenzu’s mission remains the same: to foster a more mindful, more kinetic, more connected dance community — and to keep moving with meaning for years to come.” – Dance Informa, USA/Australia

 “Ms. Lenzu has a deep and broad background in dance, and a joy in a life of dance, that comes across clearly. ” Exploredance, USA


"Lenzu proudly works from an aesthetic associated more with the "classical" modern dance of Humphrey, Limón and Graham than with the intents and strategies of New York's contemporary dance makers." InfiniteBody/Eva Yaa Asantewaa, USA

"Sangre & Arena, myth and ritual, the work evokes ancient, cathartic rites employing masks of fearsome animal gods; arresting movement gestures; heightened sounds of swirling wind, hypnotic chimes and terrifying gongs." InfiniteBody/Eva Yaa Asantewaa, USA

"Argentine firecracker Anabella Lenzu is passionate, communicative, and engaging. Her troupe, Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama, explores the intersection of dance and theater, often investigating historical and social themes." Backstage, Lauren Kay, USA

"Anabella and her Dance Drama left spectators speechless" Houseofdandridge, Chancey Dandridge, USA

"The movement was athletic and punchy and in-your-face" Her Circle, Lauren Nikon, USA

"Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama presenting Amen explores themes of Catholicism and faith... clean and classic lines move with a disciplined precision using highly dramatic and stationary gestural phrases." Nicole Touzien, FitEngine



“The challenges of telling a personal story, such as her immigration and deportation, have provided the dancers an opportunity to inhabit a life other than their own. The collaboration of poetry, film, music, and dramatic facial expression and gestures made for a theatrical experience and gave the audience a space to think about these issues. The piece is at once personal and universal” Eye on Dance and The Arts, USA

"...“The Grass Is Always Greener . . .” is about immigration... Lenzu’s highly theatrical movement style. The drama extends to spoken text, which samples the voices both of immigrants and of anti-immigration groups." The New Yorker

“Anabella celebrates uniqueness as an artist in Latin America.” La Nueva Provincia, Argentina 


“Sensual yet powerful” The Luxury Spot, USA


“Argentinean Dancer shines on New York Stages” Mi Zona Hispana, USA

“A bridge between the artists & the Italian community” Block Magazine, USA

“…choreographer Anabella Lenzu has created an engrossing physical landscape that explores and illuminates the characters and their personal relationships through a series of dances.” nytheatre.com · USA

“Anabella Lenzu's passionate Latin choreography”  Aaron Riccio, Show Showdown,USA


“The quotidian and the eternal are represented in (Anabella's) small body... theatrical & magical” "Shock and wonder in the faces of the audience .” Michelina Zambella, Oggi 7, USA


“Argentinean Choreographer Anabella Lenzu that uses tango steps, white handkerchiefs, and anguished gesture to convey a society in collapse.” 

The New Yorker, USA

(Amen) The show is very suggestive and has beautiful choreography...full of symbols borrowed from other dances like Tango and the Argentinean "Zamba' ...There is erratic strength, fear, anguish, joy, light and shadow.” Laura Caparrotti, America Oggi, USA

“...A magnificent presentation at the Argentine Embassy. Creator of a fresh and attractive technique.“ Noticiero de Norte a Sur, New York, USA 

“Che, Tango is a performance that expresses the humanity of us all. Anabella with her movements and magnificent interpretation opens a wound in our heart, where contrasting feelings spring forth.” 

Irene Diaz-Bazan, Atlanta Latino, USA